This is a preliminary list of the 10 Boxers that will be included in The Best of The Rest: Set 1

  • Each "block" represents a Division and each set will be made up of THREE Divisions (30 Cards)

  • While each of the 10 are strong representatives of their specific division, they are not necessarily the Top Ten. They were chosen almost as much for popularity over the history of the division as talent.

  • This is Set 1 will be comprised of the Cruiserweights, Super-Middleweights and Super-Welterweights.

  • Set 2 will consist of the Super-Lightweights, Super-Featherweights and Super-Bantamweights.

  • Set 3 will consist of the Super-Flyweights, Light-Flyweights and Minimum Weights.

  • Many of the fighters in these sets fought in multiple divisions, most notably in the Super-Flyweights, Light Flyweights, and Minimum Weights. Unless specifically included in a Set or already given a second or third card, none of the fighters will have a separate card.

  • The notable exception is Manny Pacquiao. A special card set is being prepared for Pacquiao, with multiple cards for each of the Divisions in which he fought.

  • The very tentative dates: Flyweights available for purchase the first week in June. Best of the Rest: Set 1 to be released for purchase in the first week in September, Set 2 in the first week in November and Set 3 in January.