To My Valued Customers and Supporters,

This is the announcement that I regret having to make. However, due to a health-related problem and other outside factors, I will no longer be selling Title Bout II: The Complete Game Kit, effective immediately.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE GAME WILL BE UNAVAILABLE. Anyone interesting in the final rendition of the game will be able to purchase all the components needed to play the game from DRIVETHRUCARDS, the only exception being game boxes.

DriveThruCards will be selling the following components:

  1. The New Rulebook 3.0 (available soon, with bonus features but also available as a free download)

  2. The Newly Revised and Official Table Set (Cuts & Swelling, Foul Tables and KD/KO Tables)

  3. All Printed Division Card Sets (HW, LHW, MW, WW, LW available as of this announcement)

  4. Boxing Action Card Decks

  5. Corner Men Card Deck

  6. Referee Card Deck (available soon)

  7. Guide to Rating Your Own Fighters for Title Bout II (currently unavailable)

I will continue to sell on the Straight Jab Media website:

  1. While they Last: Title Bout II Storage Game Box (box only)

  2. PDF versions of all Division Card Sets

  3. PDF versions of Rated Referees (HW, LHW, MW, WW, LW currently available)

  4. PDF version of Guide to Rating Your Own Fighters for Title Bout II (not available at this time)

  5. PDF version of the New Rulebook 3.0 (available soon with bonus features)

  6. BILL SALM’S TITLE BOUT II FOR WINDOWS computer game (which will continue to be updated with new divisions as they are released, and any new features added)


Boxing by the Numbers: The Heavyweights will be sold via Lulu Books and soon by Amazon.

Free downloads on the website will remain available:

  1. The upcoming newly revised rule book.

  2. The most recent scoresheet, specially designed to work with the new Table Set (and instructions) for use.

  3. New Finalized Strategy System

  4. Boxer Thumbnail Pictures, compliments of Don Williams and Cliff Sexton

  5. Assigned Traits to HW and MW

  6. Boxing Ring and Scoring Area that previously appeared on the game board

  7. Previous Version of the Basic Tables in a printable version of the original game board


THE GOOD NEWS IS that I will continue to create as many boxer card sets as I can, with the printed versions sold via DriveThruCards and the computer and .pdf versions via the Straight Jab Media website. Transferring the time spent in fulfillment and answering question about product arrival, etc. to making card sets should mean a much faster arrival on new sets. The Featherweight Division is being worked on and will hopefully be available in a month or so.


The sole caveat to the above production is if support for the card sets fails to be worthwhile from a time invested/profit standpoint. I have yet to make a profit on the lightweights, for example.

In addition, the Facebook Title Bout Group will still be up, and I will certainly continue to monitor it as long as interest remains.


My sincere thanks for your abundant patience with this endeavor, your amazingly kind comments about the game, and your priceless comments commiserating me on my recent family loss.

Yours in boxing,


Jim Trunzo

© 2017 by Straight Jab Media LLC