New Version 1.0.1 Ready for Download!

TBII v1.0.1 has been posted.  You can download it at:


Please finish any in-progress fights before installing v1.0.1.

Version 1.0.1 Changes:


  • Fixed the bug that would cause the Flip button to be disabled after doing a Conditions Check between rounds.

  • Fixed the bug that wouldn't allow a trainer or cutman to be assigned to a fighter.

  • Fixed the bug where the initial HW rankings wouldn't get compiled after the fighter set is installed.

FROM THE PROGRAMMER: "It never fails.  A new version is released and a day later a bug is found.  This is a bug that's been in there from the start (2 years ago) and was never noticed by me or the testers.  Here' is what you can post on the Bug page:


A bug was found that would occur when a 3 Point Jab is landed but only the 2 Point Jab section is highlighted on the fighter's card.  There's no work around for this.  The fix will be in the next update (v1.0.2)."

Please finish any in-progress fights before installing v1.0.1.


New Users (who have never previously installed TBII):

Download and install TBII version 1.0.1 and you will have 5 days to evaluate the game.  To continue playing (after the trial period has expired), you will have to purchase an Unlock Code to register TBII.

Current Users:

Download and install TBII version 1.0.1.  **DO NOT UNINSTALL TBII**, just install version 1.0.1 over the previously installed version.

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