New Version 1.0.4 Ready for Download!

TBII v1.0.4 has been posted.  You can download it at:

Please finish any in-progress fights before installing v1.0.3.


Version 1.0.4 Changes:


  1. Corner Men can now be added by the user.

  2. The program version number is now displayed on the Main Screen's header.

  3. Fixed scoring bugs.

  4. Fixed the Freezes trait bug where it didn't kick in after a 5H or 5F punch and after fatigue sets in.

  5. Fixed the Fireplug bug.


New Users (who have never previously installed TBII):

Download and install TBII version 1.0.4 and you will have 5 days to evaluate the game.  To continue playing (after the trial period has expired), you will have to purchase an Unlock Code to register TBII.

Current Users:

Download and install TBII version 1.0.4  **DO NOT UNINSTALL TBII**, just install version 1.0.4 over the previously installed version.

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