Using the New Scoresheet

The scoresheet is, for the most part, self-explanatory. However, a few new additons have been made that could initially cause a bit of confusion. To avoid that, we'll point them out here. (Note: if you are using this scoresheet, you can still read about the use of Trackers/Counters in the new Rule Book. Simply transfer the concepts to the scoresheet instead of the other medium. (NOTE: the new scoresheet is 8.5" by 14", not 8.5" x 11")

The top of the scoresheet is nearly identical, other than size and placement.

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The changes on the bottom of the text are identical on both sides of the scoresheet.

First you have the "Referee Deducts Points" which is provided as a convenience. Prior to the      bout and after you've chosen the referee for the bout, place a checkmark or 'X' in the                appropriate box to indicate when the referee starts to take points off for FOULS.                        

Next, two areas on the scoresheet have been added that effectively replaces the 'Player Tracker': the INJURY column and the RATING CHANGE column. You'll use the Injury column to record cuts, swelling, other possible injuries. Because the 'boxes' are in line with the rounds, you can easily record changes to a previous entry as needed.

The Rating Change column provides space for you to notate any change that might occur due to an injury of any type.

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