New Tables and Scoresheet FREE


  • Designed to work with the new tables, as well as existing tables

  • 11" x 8.5" Vertical Design: No non-sandard paper size needed

  • Downloaded in MSWord Format for Easy Editing

  • Presented over three pages: (1) in color; (2) in black and white for ink-conscious users, and (3) Filled in score-sheet with instructions

  • All in a single download


KD/KO Tables, Foul Tables & Cut & Swelling Tables

  • Three separate downloads: Take only what you want

  • Single download: All three tables in a single download

  • These are Beta copies and may be subject to change before printing (if printing is desired)

  • All of the Revised Tables presented here are OPTIONAL. Try them or don't. Stick with them or go back to whatever tables (Basic or Advanced) are best for you.

  • Advantages of the revised tables: Test opinions agree that, if you enjoy depth and realism but simplicity and faster play (without so many steps), the revised tables give you the pluses while still retaining realistic outcome.

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