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Update on the upcoming Heavyweight Card Set

The "new" heavyweight card sets are slowly but surely becoming a reality; however, before updating you on decisions made, concerning the set, I'd like to make it very clear that the customers do not have to purchase these cards to use the heavyweights that come with the game. The reasons for doing so are explained in detail on the home page of this site but in addition to the original reasons, I should add that we're also talking about a massive addition of fighters not previously available.

At this point, there are 250+ heavyweights being either rated for the first time or rerated to bring them up to date. This doesn't count the excellent set of 40 Tomato Cans that will be available in a few weeks. This is the set that Michael Haley created, and that I made a few minor changes when I tested the cards.

A different kind of problem occurred when trying to decide how to present the over 200 heavyweights. Without going through the process of how the problem was solved, as of now, the heavyweights are being grouped by decades. Each of the five upcoming sets will contain between 45 and 60 fighters (or close to those numbers. While not etched in stone, here are the years covered by the five sets. This will allow you in advance to select which set you want, if any. I'm doing all I can to makes these sets available without forcing all of them to be purchased in order to satisfy your preferences. While each set will have excellent fighters in it, if you're looking only for fighters from the 60's, for example, you won't have to purchase all four sets to get the majority and best of the boxers who practiced their trade during that period.

Here is the current makeup of the groups:


Set 1: Sixty boxers from the 1800's to the late 1930's

Set 2: Fifty boxers from the 1930's to the mid-1950's

Set 3: Fifty-six boxers from 1955 to 1973

Set 4: Forty-three boxers from 1974 to 1989

Set 5: Forty-three boxers from 1990-2023



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