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New "Optional" Traits for Title Bout II

Over the past few months, a number of interesting traits have been sent to me for "official" approval, and I've also added a few of my own.

Just in case you've missed how the traits are intended to be used (keeping in mind that you needn't use them or any traits, for that matter).

Bounce Back: On the first knockdown suffered by the fighter, he storms back, and his CF is IMPROVED by 2 but his KD2 is doubled. Both changes are for the REMAINDER of the round ONLY. All other rules for a KD stay in effect. On subsequent knockdowns suffered by the fighter, this trait is ignored.


Start Fast/Burn Out: The fighter begins the fight with a CF of plus 2 for the first three rounds. However, as a result he tires faster. Reduce his Endurance by 3 (in addition to points scored against him) every round, starting with round 4 in a 10-round bout, round 5 in a 12 -round bout and round 6 in any bout over 12-rounds.

Switchers: "Switchers" is a trait contributed by Muhammad Hadi-Abdullah (assist by Geoff!)

A fighter who has been known to utilize Orthodox and Southpaw styles to great effect within the course of a bout. This would include fighters such as Tyson Fury, Terrance Crawford, and perhaps even Marvelous Marvin Hagler (although it could be also argued that he was a pure southpaw stylist).



Switcher would have the same effect on an opponent's CF as Southpaw does. However, instead of being limited to the first 5 rounds, the effect would take place at any time during the fight that the Switcher decided to turn southpaw.


The use of the Switcher trait would be limited to 5 rounds (not necessarily consecutive rounds)




it could be limited to a certain amount of uses during the fight. The limitation would indicate that at some point, the opponent has figured out how to counter the effect. 


OR, and I thought of this later on, 


the effectiveness of the Switcher trait could be tied to an opponent's Intellect. So, for instance, a fighter who has the Switcher trait could be able to use the trait at any time during the bout, without limitation. However, an Orthodox opponent who has the Intellect trait would nullify the effect of the Switcher trait after 5 rounds of usage (or after a certain amount of usages during the fight). 


Suggested Fighers to consider

Nonito Donaire

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

Marvin Hagler,

Terence Crawford

Tyson Fury

Naseem Hamed

Andre Ward

Willie Pep

Mike Tyson

Julio Cesar Martinez

Miguel Cotto

Orlando Salido

Vasiliy Lomachenko

Demetrius Andrade

Humberto Gonzalez

Nonito Donaire

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

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