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The 54-card Super Featherweight card set in a mix of previously carded fighters in a new (and perhaps their best) division, and outstanding fighters who fought as super featherweights for most if not all their careers. Fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Alexis Arguello and Julio Cesar Chavez dominated the division during the time they spent as super featherweights. Boxers like Ben Villaflor, Genero Hernandez, Acelino Freitas, and Tracy Harris Patterson make their debut and join the ranks of Title Bout II fighters. The set offers the usual mix of big bangers like Diego Corrales, Bazooka Limon, and Edwin Valero; and also elite boxers like Sammy Serrano, Gabriel "Flash" Elorde, and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

PC Super Featherweights/Jr Lightweights

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