Originally sold for $59.99, GLADIATOR: QUEST FOR THE RUDIS has been reduced to Close Out status. Produced by the same company that manufactured the boxed Title Bout II games assures you of the highest quality of components. From box to cards to game board, Gladiator Quest for the Rudis is a premier product, in stock and ready to be immediately fulfilled. Match 16 gladiators in the arenas of Rome, in deadly combat. You decide if the game is to the death or if to first blood. You select the attacks and the defenses for each gladiator you controll. You decide when to use your "Fate Cards" This highly interactive Combat Card-Based product features 286 cards, a huge 12" x 12" game board, depicting a Roman arena, and various gladiatorial styles: Murmillo, Secutor, Retiarius and Thraex (with more styles including dual-wield gladiators and bestiarius decks already available at DriveThruCards).  Robust solo-play rules and an Arena Combat Deck eliminates the need for a second player and the use of dice. 


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