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While working on the house, I came across an opened box containing 15 of the original Title Bout II boxes. After scouring every possible "hiding" place, these are what I've found: Title Bout II box; 8.5" x 11"; 2" high. THIS IS JUST THE EMPTY GAME BOX.  First Come, First Served! Due to the type of product and the abhorant shipping costs outside the United States, this item is limited to orders from the US. Sorry to the rest of you but $10.00 for the box and $24.00 for shipping to Canada via UPS Ground is just not worth it for you.  LIMIT1 PER CUSTOMER until the end of March. At the point, if any are remaining, I'll open things up to all.  Shipping Cost is built into the price . No other shipping cost. 

Original Box (Quantity Limited)

  • Due to the  outrageous shipping costs when sending this product outside the United States, the Original Box product is being offered to customers living in the U.S.

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