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Fight the best of the lightweights with Title Bout II Lightweights: Set 1. The consensus "Top Three" in the division are Joe Gans, Benny Leonard and Roberto Duran - but in what order? You'll find out when fighting these greats against each other. What about fighters like Floyd Mayweather and Julio Cesar Chavez, guys who just made a pit-stop in the division, won a title and moved up in class. They're included, too. as well as outstanding lightweights like Pernell Whitaker, Carlos Ortiz, Ike Williams, Oscar Dela Hoya, Esteban DeJesus (can he beat Duran in 1 out of 3 fights, like he did in reality?) And too many to name them all. And if any of your favorites were missed, the depth of the division requires two Lightweight card sets so he'll show up eventually!

PDF: Lightweights - Set 1

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