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NOTE: You'll find five duplicate referees, the reason being that the duplicates have the correct spelling of the referees' name. 


New catagories enhance the role of the referee during a bout:​Consistency: Determines how often a referee has an "off day"​Boxer Rating: Indicates the overall quality of fighter the referee will work with.​Availability: The referee you want may already have a bout scheduled. The better and more popular the referee, the less likely he'll be available.​



Prefight: ​Determine whether or not your match is of a high enough profile to use the referee (one or both fighters must meet or exceed the Boxer Rate on the card).Once your referee is selected, determine his availability by applying a RN 1-80 to the referee's card.Then apply a second RN 1-80 to the referee's Consistency category. If it falls outside the Referee's RN range, there's a chance that the Referee will have either an "off-night and make multiple errors during the bout" or "have a bad round or two and make a judgement error".

PDF: Referee Card Deck

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