THE TITLE BOUT GAME KIT contains all of the following items:

  • Game Box for Storage
  • Printed Rule Book (No need to order this separately)
  • Player Trackers and Counters
  • Score Sheets
  • A Coupon for a Discount on the book BOXING BY THE NUMBERS: The Heavyweights


. . .that's everything you need from the Straight Jab Media Online Store (unless you wish to download any of the .pdf boxer sets). To complete your game, you will need to order from DriveThruCards: a Boxing Action Deck and Title Bout Game Tables. If you prefer printed fighter cards rather than .pdf, you can do that at DriveThruCards as well. To get to DriveThruCards Title Bout section, just click on any of the DriveThruCard links found throughout the website.


NOTE: The box is not shown


  • Please understand that at DriveThruCards you will have to spend a minimum of $22.00 for the necessary components. That amount does not include a boxer card set because prices vary depending on the number of cards in a set. All sets are also offered in .pdf form if you'd like to really save money, download the boxer card sets and print only what you want.

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