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The New Welterweight Card Set is now available for purchase at DriveThruCards. The set consists of 113 cards, featuring the best to have ever fought in the 147lb. class: Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns and Jose Napoles. Old Time fighters and more Recent welters weren't ignored: Jack Britton, Freddie 'Red' Cochrane, Jackie Fields and Ted "Kid" Lewis are just some of the representatives from the early days in the division. Paul Williams, Cory Spinks, Manny Pacquiao, Jose Luis Lopez, Antonio Margarito and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. are just some of the more recent boxers to climb into the ring. Just to throw out a few more illustrious names in the set: Pernell Whitaker, Oscar de la Hoya, Carols Palomino, Jimmy McLarnin, Emile Griffith, Kid Gavilan, Roberto Duran (who didn't fare well overall at 147!), and, yes, Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward! SALE PRICE ENDS OCTOBER 1, 2019!

PDF Welterweight Card Set (113 Cards)

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