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New Addition to the Title Bout II Website

Title Bout II Proudly announces the addition of every card currently available in both the board/card game and the computer version of the product.


In addition to the names of the cards currently available for each division, there is also a list on the same divisional page of all boxers who may be carded in the future in what's to be called "Filler Sets".

To take advantage of the intent of this page:

  1. Click on the tab in the top menu entitled Cards By Division

  2. Doing so will open a drop down sub-menu, listing every division from Cruiserweight to Minimum Weight.

  3. Click on the division of your choice.

Once at your chosen division, you'll find three sections: History of the division, a list of boxers already Carded, and a list of Possible Adds showing boxers who might become cards if and when the Filler Sets become a reality.

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