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Bantamweight Division     Weight: 115-118


The Bantamweight Division in boxing has a rich history. ​The earliest recorded mention of a boxing bantamweight dates back to the 1850s. Initially, it covered all weights up to 116 lb, but this was prior to the advent of the Flyweight Division.

The bantamweight division was officially established in 1889 by the Amateur Boxing Association of England Ltd (ABA). The first title fight with gloves in this weight class occurred in 1889 between Chappie Moran and Ray Lewis.


At that time, the limit for bantamweight was 110 pounds. In 1910, the British settled on a limit of 118 pounds for this division.

Since then, bantamweight has been a fiercely contested division, stocked with storied champions who often went on to greater fame in one of the heavier fighters.


Certainly, the division has had a plethora of impressive pugilists:

  1. Abe Attell

  2. Marco Antonio Barerra

  3. Many Pacquiao

  4. Eusebio Pedrosa

  5. Bernard Taylor

  6. Jeff Fenech 

  7. Danny "Little Red" Lopez

  8. and Salvador Sanchez


Sanchez might have ended up being considered the best fighter ever to lace up gloves in the bantamweight division had his career not been cut short. In 1982, Sanchez was pushing his car's speed limit when an accident occurred, tragically killing the young fighter.

That said, in December 13, 2022, Naoya Inoue achieved a historic accomplishment by becoming the first undisputed champion of the bantamweight division in a weight class that boasted four different titles. Inoue now ranks among the best bantamweights and also among the Patheon of great boxers.

Carded Bantamweights



Joey Archibald

Alexis Arguello

Alberto Arizmendi

Henry Armstrong

Abe Attell

Mike Ayala

Marco Antonio Barrera

Sal Bartolo

Benny Bass

Percy Bassett

Hogan Bassey

Batling Battalino

Mbulelo Botile

Tony Canzoneri

Roberto Castanon

Ruben Castillo

Julio Pablo Chacon

Ike Chestnut

In-Jin Chi

Kid Chocolate

Young Corbett II

Pat Cowdell

Eugene Criqui

Steve Cruz

Daniel Ponce De Leon

Mario Diaz

George Dixon

Jim 'Jem' Driscoll

Johnny Dundee

Antonio Esparragoza

Luisito Espinosa

Louie Espinoza

Johnny Famechon

Jeff Fenech

Patrick Ford

Derrick Gainer

Jaime Garza

Wilfredo Gomez

Alejandro Gonzalez

Young Griffo

Calvin Grove

Art Hafey

Naseem Hamed

Cherif Hamia

Scott Harrison

Paul Hodkinson

Paul Ingle

Harry Jeffra

Eder Jofre

Chris John



Tom Johnson

Rocky Juarez

Louis Kaplin

Kevin Kelley

Johnny Kilbane

David Kotey

Fidel LaBarba

Juan LaPorte

Jose Legra

Danny Lopez

Hector Lopez

Ernesto Marcel

Abner Mares

Juan Manuel Marquez

Terry McGovern

Barry McGuigan

Manuel Medina

Freddie Miller

Davey Moore

Erik Morales

Owen Moran

Azumah Nelson

Freddie Norwood

Ruben Oliveres

Manny Pacquiao

Jorge Paez

Young Kyun Park

Tommy Paul

Eusebio Pedrosa

Willie Pep

Ultimo "Sugar" Ramos

Eloy Rojas

Andre Routis

Sandy Saddler

Vicente Saldivar

Clemente Sanchez

Salvador Sanchez

Petey Sarron

Kuniaki Shibata

Cesar Soto

Bernard Taylor

Phil Terranova

Gregorio Vargas

Wilfredo Vasquez

Marcos Villasana

Jackie Wilson

Howard Winstone

Chalky Wright

Benny Yanger

Aaron Pryor (WW)



Yober Ortega

Victor Polo

Tomoki Kameda

Thomas Sithebe

Takashi Koshimoto

Takalani Ndlovu

Steve Robinson

Steve Luevano

Spider Jim Kelly

Shigeji Kaneko

Satoshi Hosono

Roy Ankrah

Ronnie Clayton

Ricardo Gonzalez

Raul Rojas

Raul Cruz

Rafael Ortega

Petey Scalzo

Pete Sarmiento

Paul Jorgensen

Pat Cowdell

Nel Tarleton

Mitsunori Seki

Mike Belloise

Michael Brodie

Mario Miranda

Manuel Medina

Lulu Perez

Luis Alberto Lopez

Leo Rodak

Knud Larsen

Kiko Martinez

Juan Ramirez

Juan Manuel Lopez

Jose Girones

Jessie Magdaleno

Jackie Gunguluza

Jackie Graves

Jackie Callura

Isaac Dogboe

In Jin Chi

Ike Chestnut

Hiroyuki Enoki

Harold Dade

Guty Espadas

George Marsden

Edgar Sosa

Eddie Shea

Danny Webb

Cruz Marcano

Chick Delaney

Brandon Figueroa

Billy Spider Kelly

Antonio Herrera

Antonio Gomez

Johnny Tapia

Naoya Inoue

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