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TITLE BOUT II: The Board Game

The Classic Professional Boxing Simulation is Reborn in a New and Better Version!


One hundred heavyweight fighters, from the great champions like Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano to Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes to Mike Tyson and Wladimir Klitschko, are accurately portrayed on individual cards. Their ratings stem from dozens of years of accumlated knowledge and research. But it isn't just the great fighters who are included, but also top contenders like Zora Folley, Cleveland Williams, and Razor Ruddock. Trail Horses and Gatekeepers make an appearnce, as well, with tried and true warriors like Willie Besmanoff, Abe Simon and Boone Kirkman lacing up the gloves for you to manage.


A revised strategy system allows you to select a style of fighting that most fits your fighter, should you choose to be more "hands on". Fight inside or outside in several different ways. Load up on punches or stick and move. It's up to you. However, understand that you can't turn a Tony Galento into a jab and move guy with much, if any success. Each fighter is rated according to his abilities so, just like in the real ring, you can tell your fighter to do whatever you feel is best. Whether or not he's capable of carrying out your instructions is a different story.


Fighters are rated according to the research done and described in the book "Boxing by the Numbers: The Heavyweights". Each fighter is rated based on an in-depth analysis of each of the caliber of each of his opponent's and how he fared against them. The ratings reflect not only the quality of  the fighter's opponents but also at what career stage the two fighters met. Fighters are rated in 37 categories, mirroring their performances when they are fresh and after they've fatigued. And all 100 fighters are subject to the same scrutiny whether they're a Jack Dempsey or a Billy Daniels.

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  • Heavyweights

  • Cruiserweights

  • Light-heavyweights

  • Middleweights

  • Welterweights

  • Lightweights

  • Featherweights

  • Bantamweights

  • Flyweights

  • Super Middleweights

  • Super Welterweights

  • Super Lightweights

  • Super Featherweights

  • Super Bantams

  • Super Flyweights

  • Light Flyweights

  • Minimum Weights


Please note that the ratings for the fighters in these sets are based upon ONLY their fights in the Card Set Division. Roberto Duran's ratings as a lightweight vs his ratings as a middleweight are going to be significantly different. Another example would be Ezzard Charles as a light heavyweight and as a heavyweight. Bob Foster, a perfect example, is a top light-heavyweight and an easy KO or TKO at heavyweight for any heavyweight considered "Good" or better!

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