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This week will mark the appearance of the long wished for and long waited Title Bout II Boxer Card Ratings Guide. The 70-page guide is comprehensive and, where possible, provides a choice of the more complex but more accurate method of rating a fighter and the simple way, less accurate but far less convoluted and time-consuming.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: On a scale of 1 through 10, with 10 being the MOST difficult, where would you rate this guide.

Answer: No less than a 5 and no more than a 7. It's really not difficult; it's simply very involved.

Question: Who should buy this guide?


  • Those of you who love tinkering with ratings.

  • Those of you who have wanted a specific fighter for years and can now rate him yourself.

  • Those of you who need more trial horses and gatekeepers.

  • Those of you who realize the indirect benefit of the research often required when rating a fighter.

  • Those who may not even want to rate a boxer but are interested in the philosophies and concepts behind the creation process.

Question: Who should NOT buy this guide?


  • Someone who becomes easily frustrated.

  • Someone who only wants to rate a few lower echelon fighters.

  • Someone without any leisure time.

Question: What do you consider a "simple method" for rating boxers?

Answer: The easiest way to rate a fighter in a category without having to do any research or calculations is, to me, "simple". Basically, these are categories where I have total confidence in the numbers that will be taken off the Tables provided. The numbers that are on the Tables have been tested over years.

Question: What do you consider a "difficult method" for rating boxers?

Answer: Categories that can't be rated without a lot of research or without four or five steps to the calculation process.

Question: What am I actually getting for my money? Can you be more specific?

Answer: The 70+ pages contain insights about how a category works on its own and in relationship with others. The Guide first defines and give explanations and example about each specific category found on a Title Bout II Boxer Card, with a few exceptions. Tables are liberally sprinkled throughout the Guide, and each table is usually accompanied by several examples. 

And speaking of Tables, the Guide takes all the tables imbedded in the pages of text and places a copy of each at the end of the book in as logical an order as possible. These pages can be reproduced and the tables cut and pasted in your preferred order or in the order they've been placed. Each of the tables is capable of being resized, as well, without the loss of quality in the print.

The Guide is the culmination of 40+ years of rating fighters for Title Bout II. Many of the tables that I provide are exactly the same that I use; while others are sufficiently close enough to render reasonable results.

One useful feature in the Boxer Card Rating guide is the step-by-step recreation of Middleweight Sanderline Williams.

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