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Flyweight Division     Weight: 108-112


The Flyweight Division began in 1984, when Murray Sutherland defeated Ernie Singletary for the International Boxing Federation (IBF) version of the title 1. This weight class has seen some incredible talent, action, and drama over the years, and it continues to be a thrilling part of the boxing world.

Beyond the origin of the division, many of boxing's greatest champions are unknown to all but the hardcore fans of the sport. 

Even taking the top of  "best in the division" lists, few sports fans today can name a single one.

Jimmy Wilde: winner of 137 fights bouts out of 150 fought, Wilde spent 11 years terrorizing the Flyweight Division, occasionally adventuring into the bantamweight and featherweight division, increasing his reputation as possibly the best Flyweight ever. Wilde managed to stop 99 opponents. Wilde went 103 fights consecutively.

Miguel Canto:  Unlike most fighters of Hispanic descent, Canto eschewed the hall mark of Mexican fighters by using unparalleled defense, outstanding fundamentals, and slick movement to win fights rather than the brute, ferocious styles of most Mexican fighters. However, Canto's brilliance eventually won over the crowd. After winning the title from Shoji Oguma. By the end of his career, Canto had beaten Betulio Gonzalez, Martin Vargas, Antonio Avelar, and Ignacio Espinal.

Pascual Perez: This 4' 11" stalwart from Argentina ended up appearing in 92 professional bouts, and he ruled as the division's champion for six years. But don't let his diminutive size fool you. Out of 84 wins, Perez stopped 57 opponents! Among his victories, Perez defeated Yoshio Shirai, Miguel Herrera, Ursino Bernal, and Leo Espinosa. The knock on Perez was that overall, his competition was mediocre at best.

Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez: Current boxing fans have been treated to one of the most powerful punches in boxing, Chocolatito Gonzalez. At the time of Roman not having fought since 2022, Gonzalez has never officially retired. Chocolatito has notched 51 wins against only 4 losses. Roman's devastating punch has stopped 41 of his opponents.

Other fighters in the Flyweight Panteon: Yuri Arbachakov, Antonio Avelar, Newsboy Brown, Fighting Harara, Pone Kingpetch, Benny Lynch, Pancho Villa, Sot Chitalada, Mark Johnson, and Santos Laciar, just to name a few.

Carded Flyweights 


Horacio Accavallo

Yuri Arbachakov

Brahim Asloum

Antonio Avelar

Fidel Bassa

Gabriel Bernal

Jose Bonilla

Venice Borkhorsor

Newsboy Brown

Salvatore Burruni

Miguel Canto

Prudencio Cardona

Somchai Chertchai

Chartchai Chionoi

Sot Chitalada

Little Dado

Hiroyuki Ebihara

Guty Espadas

Frankie Genaro

Betulio Gonzalez

Fighting Harada

Luis Ibarra

Alberto Jimenez

Arthur Johnson

Mark Johnson

Peter Kane

Tae Shik Kim

Pone Kingpetch

Muangchai Kittikasem

Fidel LaBarba

Santos Laciar

Benny Lynch

Charlie Magri

Rinty Monaghan

Eric Morel

Daisuke Naito

Shoji Oguma

Masao Ohba

Irene Pacheco

Manny Pacquiao

Little Pancho

Chan Hee Park

Jackie Paterson

Pacual Perez

Erbito Salavarria

Chatchai Sasakul

Yoshio Shirai

Pichit Sithbanprachan

Efren Torres

Pancho Villa

Brian Viloria

Sutep Wangmuk

Jimmy Wilde

Midget Wolgast

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam



Yober Ortega

Victor Polo

Tomoki Kameda

Thomas Sithebe

Takashi Koshimoto

Takalani Ndlovu

Steve Robinson

Steve Luevano

Shigeji Kaneko

Satoshi Hosono

Roy Ankrah

Ronnie Clayton

Ricardo Gonzalez

Raul Rojas

Raul Cruz

Rafael Ortega

Petey Scalzo

Pete Sarmiento

Paul Jorgensen

Pat Cowdell

Nel Tarleton

Mitsunori Seki

Mike Belloise

Michael Brodie

Mario Miranda

Manuel Medina

Lulu Perez

Luis Alberto Lopez

Leo Rodak

Knud Larsen

Kiko Martinez

Juan Ramirez

Juan Manuel Lopez

Jessie Magdaleno

Jackie Gunguluza

Jackie Graves

Jackie Callura

Isaac Dogboe

In Jin Chi

Ike Chestnut

Hiroyuki Enoki

Harold Dade

Guty Espadas

George Marsden

Edgar Sosa

Eddie Shea

Danny Webb

Cruz Marcano

Chick Delaney

Brandon Figueroa

Antonio Herrera

Antonio Gomez

Joe Dundee

California Jackie Wilson

George Costner

Johnny Jadick

Adolph Pruitt

Harry Dublinshky

Kid Azteca

LC Morgan

Al Baker

Michele Palermo

Paul Armstead

Roger Menetrey

Ramon Fuentes

Peter Waterman

Maurice Harper

Marcos Maidana

Johnny Busso

Tony Herrera

Manuel Gonzalez

Harold Volbrecht

Frankie Fernandez

Rudell Stitch

Willie Ludick

Mike Kaplan

Eddie Pace

Lew Massey

Adrian Broner

Lester Felton

Carlos Quintana

Charley Fusari

Stan Harrington

Jimmy Garrison

Chuck Davey

Tony Pellone

Jeff Horn

Chico Vejar

Tommy Bell

Luis Molina

Al Manfredo

Raul Soriano

Charley Salas

Ernie Lopez

Ted Wright

Jorge Arci

Roman Gonzalez

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