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MORE Q & A (continued)


Question: Do you play-test your boxer cards, and if so, in what manner?

Answer: Most definitely. At this point, I usually fight three best-of-three bouts, with each trilogy made up of the newly created Boxer Card versus three different type of opponents: pure boxer, pure slugger and pure trial horse. Each of the three opponents is hand-picked and being used for a specific purpose. 

Question: Is the Title Bout II Boxer Ratings Guide useless for those who play the computer version, Title Bout II for Windows,

Answer: Not at all. As a matter of fact, because of the computer's ability to play hundreds of bouts in just minutes, you can really play-test the fighter, make adjustments, test him again. Just input the newly created boxer in a division and you're set. Bill Salm has gone to great lengths to keep the computer version of Title Bout Ii for Windows as true as possible to the board game. They should be pretty much viewed as one entity split into two formats.

Question: How many different tables are in the Boxer Card Ratings Guide?

Answer: 40 unique tables, most supplying data for your card. Some tables are strictly to illustrate a tricky procedure more clearly

Here's an example of a Simple Table, in this case Endurance


Question: How much will the Title Bout II Boxer Card Ratings Guide cost and in what format?

Answer: I have to give it a bit more thought but even at 25-cents a page, you're looking at $17.50. Part of me is screaming "Make it $20.00 after all the work that went into it" but another part of me is screaming "Meh, just call it an even $15.00. For myriad reasons, the Guide will only be available as a .pdf. I had printed copies priced out and without postage or packaging, it would probably be around $24.00. In the USA postage would be Media Rate but that does little to nothing for customers outside the USA.

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