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With the advent of the new Premium Heavyweight Sets, a number of new SPECIAL traits and several that have been renamed for the sake of clarity that the Special category (as well as "Strategies) are optional. The SPECIAL trait helps add to the individualized nature of each fighter and also adds a degree of realism to the style of the fighter. 




SHOWBOAT: This special characteristic is exactly the same as the previous "Play to the Crowd" and simply a name change.

RING SMARTS: This special characteristic is exactly the same as the previous "Intellect" and simply a name change.

CLEVER FOULER: This special characteristic is exactly the same as the previous "Stealth Fouler" and simply a name change.



FAST START/BURN OUT: Here is an excellent characteristic that simulates the type of fighter who comes out blazing from the first bell but frequently runs out of gas later in the fight. Often a fighter who conspicuously fights in this fashion is a big hitter who may suffer from a lack of Endurance or lacks other skills to pair with his power. The fighter's goal is to catch his opponent before the opponent gets into a rhythm and may be at his most vulnerable.

INTIMIDATION: A fighter who has the "Intimidation" Trait affects his opponent even before the latter gets into the ring. Intimidation is accomplished under very specific rules, the most important being that the Intimidator is at least TWO overall ratings higher than his opponent. This trait is different than "Freezes" trait; however, an opponent who has the Freezes trait is NOT susceptible to the "Intimidation" trait because of the crossover and similarity of the two traits. The effect of intimidating an opponent is as follows:

Using the Fast Start/Burn Out trait requires that the fighter begins the fight with a CF of plus 2 for the first three rounds. However, as a result he tires faster. Reduce his Endurance by 3 (in addition to points scored against him) every round, starting with Round 4 in a 10-round bout, Round 5 in a 12 -round bout and Round 6 in any bout over 12-rounds.

BOUNCE BACK: After the first knockdown suffered by the fighter, he storms back, and his CF is IMPROVED by 2 but his KD2 is doubled. Both changes are for the REMAINDER of the round ONLY. All other rules for a KD stay in effect. On subsequent knockdowns suffered by the fighter, this trait is ignored.

SWARMER: The swarmer counts on his non-stop attack as his defense. It used to be called a "whirlwind defense". Henry Armstrong, Harry Greb, Jack Dempsey are all strong examples of the Swarmer. The Swarmer in Title Bout II works as follows:


1. When a fighter uses the swarmer trait, both his CF go up by one, EVEN if that means a CF 13.


2. His Punches Landed increases by 2, and again this goes into effect even if it would make the fighters PL go up to 38.


3. The fighter swarming opens himself up to potential punishment by eschewing normal defensive moves. The Swarmer's defensive rating becomes a +6. If the fighter swarming already has a definsive rating of +6, it becomes a +8.


4. Any miss provides a counterpunch opportunity for the opponent.


5. The Swarmer's KD1 (not KD2, not KO) is increased by one.


6. In any round that a fighter chooses to "swarm" reduce his stamina by 5 the first time the fighter uses Swarmer, and only the first time in the round regardless of how much or how little swarming takes place. 

7. Finally, the Swarmer Trait can only be used for 3 consecutive round and requires one round to preserve or regain his energy. For example, Jack Dempsey decides to use SWARMER in Rounds 1, 2, and 3, so he must theoretically replenish his stamina in Round 4. Dempsey may then use SWARMER in rounds 5, 6, and 7.


IMPORTANT: The fighter who wants to use the Swarmer Trait may use it for as much of the round as he wishes or for as little of the round as the fighter chooses. Furthermore, because the entire Premier Heavyweight cards will be offered over five sets, you should feel free to add a "Special" for any fighter who you feel qualifies. 

SPECIAL TRAITS: ADVANCE VERSION: Click on this link to download the advanced version of all traits. 

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