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Rating Your Own Fighters: Part 3


I've been fortunate that overall the materials that I have published as a softbound have been impressively produced. However, the 70+ page Ratings Manual will be available only in PDF format.

Here's why:

  • One reason for the PDF only release is cost. Not to me but to those who experience abhorrent postal rates. Sending the paperback manual to Toronto Canada from Wake Forest North Carolina prices out at anywhere from $7.00 to $34.00. Postage to Europe is no better.

  • This is "first edition" and while I have been pleased with the editing so far, I'm sure that an hour after some of you receive you manual, you'll have found several better ways of doing something. If so, great. Let me know and if I agree, I'll make the changes and one PDF upgrade later, your manual will be up to date.

  • I've sworn off doing fulfillment. Uploading and download files doesn't qualify in my mind as fulfillment; but I'm not incline to package and ship product. Now, the people that I would use to publish the Ratings Manual would do it on a On Demand basis which adds at least a week to any order and, of course, they charge for the service.

  • I'm in complete control. I don't have to rely on anyone but myself to improve the Guide if need be and get it back into the customer's hand. This is of major importance to me. I'm still stinging from not being to sell Title Bout II in a box, and making purchasing a simple operation, as opposed to working your way through DriveThruCards laybrinth.

  • I can keep the price a bit lower because of no overhead.


With the Ratings Manual to soon be out of the way, I'll be turning my attention back to doing division sets. The Super Welterweights are next, Super Lightweights to follow, and so on until all the divisions are available in the game.

However, I'm also leaning strongly toward redoing the Heavyweight Division. So many changes have been made, not only in categories and rules but even in the format of the card, specifically the Counterpunch Defense being in the wrong place.

If I do the heavyweights over, I'll toss a crumb to those begging me to do current fighters. I could probably adequately do a current heavyweight batch of 10 to 15 fighters. We'll just have to see.

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