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Welterweight Division   Weight: 140-147 


The welterweight division in boxing has a rich history, spanning over a century. Like its "big brother", the Middleweights, welterweights combined the mastery of boxing skills with the excitement of knockout power.

The welterweight division traces back to England in 1889, when the first weight limit was established at 145 lbs. Officially, it was recognized by the British Boxing Board of Control in 1909 at a weight limit of 147 lbs. This weight class gained acceptance from the New York State Athletic Commission and the National Boxing Association in 1920.

The list of welterweight champions includes both widely recognized and lesser-known boxers. Here are some key moments and champions from the welterweight class:

Paddy Duffy was the first recognized world welterweight champion, held the title from 1888 to 1890. Tommy Ryandefeated Danny Needham in 1891 to become the undisputed champion. Jack Britton dominated the division in the late 1910s and early 1920s. Then Henry Armstrong put the icing on the cake when he held the title from 1940 to 1941.

But the greatest welterweight of all, also Number One on most "Pound for Pound" lists, was a sweet boxer  who early on became Sugar Ray Robinson. He held the welterweight crown for five years, compiling an astonishing record of 129-1-2, including 91 victories in a row.


Lest you think that the incredible Robinson's record was compiled against weak and mediocre competition, look Sugar Ray's list of victims from the 140-147 weight class:  illustrious  welterweights Sammy Angott, Marty Servo, Fritzie Zivic, Jake LaMotta, Kid Gavilan and Charley Fusari all fought and lost to Robinson. Ironically, Sugar Ray's accolades as a middleweight, equally impressive if not more so, overshadowed his accomplishments as the all-time best welterweight boxer.

Carded Welterweights 


Virgil Atkins

Sammy Angott

Art Aragon

Henry Armstrong

Tommy Ayers

Billy Backus

Randall Bailey

Carlos Manuel Baldomir

Carmen Basillio

Tommy Bell

Wilfred Benitez

Maurice Blocker

Carmello Bossi

Timothy Bradly, Jr.

Livingstone Bramble

Johnny Bratton

Mark Breland

Jack Britton

Glenwood Brown

Simon Brown

Charley Burley

Hector Camacho

Luis Ramon Campas

Oba Carr

Joshua Clottey

Freddie "Red"Cochrane

Curtis Cokes

Young Corbett III

Miguel Cotto

Pipino Cuevas

Donald Curry

Brian Curvis

Aaron Davis

Al "Bummy" Davis

Oscar De la Hoya

Tony DeMarco

Bernard Docusen

Joe Dundee

Roberto Duran

Angel Espada

Crisanto Espana

Florentino Fernandez

Jackie Fields

Vernon Forrest

Arturo Gatti

Kid Gavilan

Billy Graham

Davey "Boy" Green

Emile Griffith

Thomas Hearns

Lloyd Honeyghan

Ace Hudkins

Young Peter Jackson

Don Jordan

Jean Josselin

Zab Judah

David Kamau

Ace Hudkins

Young Peter Jackson

Don Jordan



Ace Hudkins

Young Peter Jackson

Don Jordan

Jean Josselin

Zab Judah

David Kamau

Pierre Langlois

Tippy Larkin

Nino La Rocca

Pete Latzo

Ray Leonard


Ted "Kid"Lewis

Isaac Logart

Duilio Loi

Ernie "Indian Red" Lopez

Jose Luis Lopez

Marcos Maidana

Paul Malignaggi

Antonio Margarito

Juan Manuel Marquez

Vince Martinez

Floyd  Mayweather Jr

Roger Mayweather

Milton McCrory

James McGirt

Jimmy McLarnin

Shane Mosley

Denny Moyer

Armando Muniz

Jose Napoles

Gaspar Ortega

Manny Pacquiao

James Page

Carlos Palomino

Benny Paret

Billy Petrolle

Vince Phillips

Michele Piccirillo

Ike Quartey

Frank Randall

Pete Ranzany

Ray Robinson

Luis Manuel Rodriguez

Barney Ross

Tommy Ryan

Johnny Saxton

Marty Servo

Cory Spinks

Jose Stable

Marlon Starling

John H Stracey

Meldrick Taylor

Felix Trinidad

Gil Turner

Joe Walcott (Barbados)

Mickey Walker

Micky Ward

Harold Weston

Pernell Whitaker

Paul Williams

Fritzie Zivic



Yober Ortega

Victor Polo

Tomoki Kameda

Takashi Koshimoto

Takalani Ndlovu

Steve Robinson

Steve Luevano

Shigeji Kaneko

Satoshi Hosono

Roy Ankrah

Ronnie Clayton

Ricardo Gonzalez

Raul Rojas

Raul Cruz

Rafael Ortega

Petey Scalzo

Pete Sarmiento

Paul Jorgensen

Pat Cowdell

Nel Tarleton

Mike Belloise

Michael Brodie

Mario Miranda

Manuel Medina

Lulu Perez

Luis Alberto Lopez

Leo Rodak

Knud Larsen

Kiko Martinez

Juan Ramirez

Juan Manuel Lopez

JJessie Magdaleno

Jackie Gunguluza

Jackie Graves

Jackie Callura

Isaac Dogboe

In Jin Chi

Ike Chestnut

Hiroyuki Enoki

Harold Dade

Guty Espadas

George Marsden

Edgar Sosa

Eddie Shea

Danny Webb

Cruz Marcano

Chick Delaney

Brandon Figueroa

Antonio Herrera

Antonio Gomez

Joe Dundee

California Jackie Wilson

George Costner

Johnny Jadick

Adolph Pruitt

Harry Dublinshky

Kid Azteca

LC Morgan

Al Baker

Michele Palermo

Paul Armstead

Roger Menetrey

Ramon Fuentes

Maurice Harper

Marcos Maidana

Johnny Busso

Tony Herrera

Manuel Gonzalez

Harold Volbrecht

Rudell Stitch

Willie Ludick

Bobby Dykes

Mike Kaplan

Eddie Pace

Lew Massey

Adrian Broner

Lester Felton

Carlos Quintana

Charley Fusari

Stan Harrington

Chuck Davey

Tony Pellone

Jeff Horn

Chico Vejar

Tommy Bell

Luis Molina

Al Manfredo

Raul Soriano

Charley Salas

Ernie Lopez

Ted Wright

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