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Light-Heavyweight Division   Weight: 168-175


The light-heavyweight division was created in 1903, when Chicago journalist Lou Houseman who was also a boxing manager and promoter decided he needed a way to manufacture his own champion. He matched his fighter Jack Root with Kid McCoy and announced the fight as being for the light-heavyweight championship of the world.


The boxing press accepted the new weight division and Root was accepted as the inaugural world champion. Jack Root was defeated in his first title defense against George Gardner (boxer), who was considered the most thrilling fighter in the division, and the first undisputed Light - Heavyweight Champion of the World.


During the 1980s, however, some boxing historians found records indicating that Joe Choynski won a twenty-round decision over Jimmy Ryan on August 18, 1899, in a fight billed as being for the light heavyweight championship. Choynski never seems to have made any claim to be the first light heavyweight champion.

Since the proliferation of the various Alphabet Organizations, the light-heavyweight was quickly accepted as a bonifide weight class.  The Light Heavyweight Division spawned some of boxing's best fighters from its origin until the present day.  Billy Conn,  John Conteh, Bob Foster Victor Galindez, Virgil Hill, Michael Moorer, and Michael Spinks are just some of the fighters who made their mark in the light heavyweight division.

Unfortunately, the division as a whole has never reached the status of many of its individual fighters were able to do. Part of it surely has to do with the lure of boxing's glamor division, the heavyweights. Ezzard Charles, perhaps the greatest light heavyweight in the history of the division, earned his recognition after moving up to the heavies. Likewise, Michael Moorer did the same thing, Billy Conn is best remembered for his heavyweight title bout against Joe Louis. The list goes on and on. 

Not every outstanding light heavyweight found success by moving up in class. Bob Foster, an excellent light heavyweight tried over and over to take his deadly punching power with him to the heavyweights but ended up on his back, more often than not. And while the lure of making 'big money" convinced other light heavyweight champions to try their luck, more of them failed to find the success in among the true heavyweights even though they had flourished in the 175-pound class.

Carded Light-Heavyweights



Jorge Ahumada

Dennis Andries

Leeonzer Barber

Lonnie Bennett

Paul Berlenbach

Tom Bethea

Melio Bettina

Jimmy Bivins

Jesse Bowdry

Jesse Burnett

Chic Calderwood

Georges Carpentier

Bobby Cassidy

Jerry Celestine

Ezzard Charles

Anton Christoforidis

Joe Choynski

Billy Conn

John Conteh

Eddie Cotton

Miguel Cuello

Eddie Davis

Chad Dawson

Lou Del Valle

Jack Delaney

Jack Dillon

Jimmy Dupree

Yvon Durelle

Chris Finnegan

Bob Fitzsimmons 

Bob Foster

Pierre Fourie

Tiger Jack Fox

Al Gainer

Victor Galindez

Tommy Gibbons

Julio Cesar Gonzalez

Harry Greb

Montell Griffin

Henry Hall

Jeff Harding

Virgil Hill

Bernard Hopkins

Len Hutchins

Harold Johnson

Marvin Johnson

Glen Johnson

Bunny Johnson

Roy Jones Jr

Richie Kates

Ole Klemetsen

Donny Lalonde

Sam Langford



Gus Levinsky

Battling Levinsky

John Henry Lewis

Lloyd Marshall

Leo Lomski

Alvaro Yaqui Lopez

Tommy Loughran

Jerry Martin

Henry Maske

Harry Matthews

Joey Maxim

Al McCoy

Mike McTigue

Dariusz Michalczewski

Freddie Mills

Mauro Mina

Archie Moore

Michael Moorer

Matthew Saad Muhammad

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad

Kid Norfolk

Philadelphia Jack O'Brien

Bob Olin

Carl Bobo Olson

Mate Parlov

Willie Pastrano

Avenamar Peralta

Johnny Persol

Yolande Pompey

Mike Quarry

Dwight Muhammad Qawi

Graciano Rocchigiani

Vicente Rondon

Maxie Rosenbloom

Mike Rossman

Roger Rouse

James Scott

Battling Siki

Jimmy Slattery

Oakland Billy Smith

Michael Spinks

Adonis Stevenson

Leslie Stewart

Murray Sutherland

Antonio Tarver

Wayne Thornton

Dick Tiger

Fabrice Tiozzo

Jose Torres

Gene Tunney

Charles Williams

Clinton Woods


Dimitrii Bivol

Len Harvey

Tommy Yarosz

Bob Murphy

Fred Lenhart

Billy Miske

Tony Shucco

Joe Knight

Adolf Heuser

Johnny "Bandit" Romero

George Manley

Mike Holt

Giulio Rinaldi

Eleider Alvarez

Tami Mauriello

Charley Belanger

Andre Dirrell

Nathan Cleverly

Tony Anthony

Dave Clark

Gerhard Hecht

Lottie Mwale

Rudi Koopmans

Paul Briggs

Sirimongkhon Iamthusm

Zsolt Erdie

Bobby Czyz

Eric Harding

Julian Keene

Emilio Martinez

Danny Nardico

Nick Barone

Tiger Jack Payne

Ben Valentine

Heinz Seidler

Eddy Smulders

Yawe Davis

Jack Root

Bobby Stininato

Abe Feldman

Sixto Rodriguez

Johnny Colan

Jimmy Reeves

Stipe Drews

Mustafa Wasajja

Herbie Katz

Alex Blanchard

Donny LaLonds

Jack "Twin" Sullivan

Clarence Hinnant

Wim Snoek

Adrian Diaconu

David Telesco

Joe Lasisi

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