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Middleweight Division     Weight: 154-160


The middleweight division in professional boxing is made up of boxers above 154 lb and up to 160 lb. Although early boxing history can often be lacking in accuracy, the middleweight designation appears to have originated in the 1840s. During the bare-knuckle era, the first Middleweight Championship fight took place between Tom Chandler and Dooney Harris in 1867. Chandler emerged victorious, earning the title of the American middleweight champion. The first middleweight fight with gloves was between George Fulljames and Jack “Nonpareil” Dempsey (not related to the more famous Jack Dempsey) 

The Middleweight Division has seen legendary fighters and classic matches occuring so frequently that the middleweights rival the heavyweight in popularity. The middleweights earned its popularity by displaying the power of the heavyweights with the action and boxing skills of lighter divisions.

A list of great middleweights reads like a Who's Who in boxing. From killers like Stanley Ketchel, Ted "Kid" Lewis, and Harry Greb to the next generation of middles like Sugar Ray Robinson, Gene Fullmer, Carmine Basilio, and Jake Lamotta the middleweights excelled at capturing the boxing public's imagination.


More recent names deserved and received the same adoration. Middleweight greats like Marvin Hagler, Carlos Monzon, and Bernard Hopkins carried on the division's tradition of fighters whose power didn't mitigate against their boxing skills and attention to technics. 


Lately, bouts between Gennadiy Golovkin and Saul Alvarez thrilled fight fans by engaging in a classic rivalry.

Interesting Factoid: Longest Reigning Champion: Bernard Hopkins holds the record for the longest reign, spanning 10 years, 2 months, and 18 days, during which he held titles from the IBF, WBA, WBC, and WBO.

Carded Middleweights 


Georgie Abrams

Vito Antuofermo

Fred Apostoli

Joey Archer

Yama Bahama 

Iran Barkley

Carmen Basilio

Steve Belloise

George Benton

Nino Benvenuti

Eddie Booker

Jean Claude Bouttier

Bennie Briscoe

Lou Brouillard

Charley Burley

Rubin Carter

Walter Cartier

Rocky Castellani

Marcel Cerdan

Jack Chase

Nassim Max Cohen

Hugo Coro

Les Darcy

Laurent Dauthuille

Terry Downes

Roberto Duran

Ernie Durando

Frank Fletcher

Tiger Flowers

Gene Fullmer

Don Fullmer

Ceferino Garcia

Joey Giambra

Joey Giardello

Rocky Graziano

Harry Greb

Emile Griffith

Marvin Hagler

Gene Hairston

Mustafa Hamsho

Henry Hank

Ronnie Harris

Tommy Hearns

Bernard Hopkins

Al Hostak

Charlie Humez

Tony Janiro

Ben Jeby

Reggie Johnson

Ralph Jones

William Gorilla Jones

Sumba Kalambay



Stanley Ketchell

Solly Krieger

Jake LaMotta

Ray Leonard

Tony Licata

Bert Lytell

Lloyd Marshall

Sergio Martinez

Mike McCallum

Gerald McClelland

Holly Mims

Alan Minter

Willie Monroe

Carlos Monzon

Archie Moore

Michael Nunn

Michael Olijade

Bobo Olson

Ken Overlin

Billy Papke

Curtis Parker

Kelly Pavlik

Paul Pender

Anton Raadik

Sugar Ray Robinson

Juan Roldan

Randy Sandy

Wilfred Scypion

Ray Seales

Tony Sibson

Billy Soose

Fred Steele

Frank Tate

Jermain Taylor

Marcel Thil

Dick Tiger

James Toney

Randy Turpin

Rodrigo Valdez

Robert Villemain

Aaron Wade

Mickey Walker

Bobby Watts

Ellsworth Webb

Holman Williams

Teddy Yarosz

Paddy Young

Tony Zale



Willie Troy

William Joppy

Wilf Greaves

Vince Dundee

Tuzo Portuguez

Tony Martin

Tommy Boggs

Tiberio Mitrie

Stanley Hayward

Robbie Sims

Quincy Taylor

Pierre Langlois

Peter Mueller

Nate Bolden

Mike O'Doud

Mario Bosisio

Marco Antonio Rubio

Luis Ramon Campas

Lou Bogash

Leo Houck

Laszlo Pap

Kevin Finnegan

Keith Homes

Joshua Clottey

Jose Gonzalez

Jose Basora

Jorge Castro

Johnny Wilson

Jock McAvoy

Jimmy Clabby

James Schuler

James Kirkland

Howard Eastman

Herol Graham

Harvey Massey

Hacine Cherifi

Gustave Roth

Gratien Tonna

Gomeo Brennan

George Chip

Frank Battaglia

Florentino Fernandez

Eduardo Lausse

Dwight Davison

Charlie Weir

Bunny Sterling

Babe Risko

Anton Raadik

Anton Christoforidis

Anthony Mundine

Alabama Kid

Agostino Cardamone

Gennadiy Golovkin

Saul Canelo Alvarez

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