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Version 1.1.3

TtileBout II Screen Shot.png

The latest update for TITLE BOUT II FOR WINDOWS Version 1.1.3 is ready to download.

Please note, to avoid confusion, this is an UPGRADE for those who already own the game. You CANNOT ORDER the computer version of Title Bout II from this page. 

v1.1.4 has been uploaded.  Here's what's new:


You now can select which Cut Procedure to use during the fight, Original or Modified (experimental procedure that was accidentally included in the release of v1.1.1).

From the Edit Fighter screen, you can now Activate/De-Activate fighters.  Fighters who are de-activated can not be selected to participate in any fights.

Fixed the bug that could cause the trainer's pre-fight adjustments to be off if the opponent changes styles during the fight.

If a foul check results in a foul or a caution and the fighters are positioned on the ropes or in a corner, the fighters will be brought back to ring center.

Added the Bounce Back fighter trait.

Added the Start Fast/Burn Out fighter trait.

Download Version 1.1.4 Upgrade Here:

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