Version 1.0.9

The latest update for TITLE BOUT II FOR WINDOWS Version 1.0.9is, in terms of items addressed the largest yet. Each change will be explained below and the same Download option will be available to those wishing to upgrade to the new version. Please note, to avoid confusion, that this is an UPGRADE. You cannot order the computer version of Title Bout II from this page. 

1. The game has been updated to include all of the remaining in-between weight classes.

2. If you click on the wrong button on the KD check screen and you click UNDO, the game will now reset to before the punch is landed (that resulted in the KD chance).  This way you can land the punch and re-do the KD chance.

3. Each fighter's updated divisional record is now displayed on the Post Fight screen.

4. Re-designed the Fighter Rankings and expanded them to include more weight classes.

5. Fixed the bug that could cause a fight to crash in QP mode if a fighter's Special Trait requires a CF adjustment.

6. When having to choose a style for the fighter, the preferred choice's button will be colored Yellow.

7. Fixed the bug where the Front Runner alert would appear after the final round of a fight.

8. Fixed the bug related to fighters with a hyphen (-) in their name.

9. Fixed the bug that could cause the new Cut Chart to appear as the referee stops the fight (TKO).

10. Fixed the bug that would occur when viewing a left handed fighter's Ratings/Record and the "L" wouldn't be displayed.


11. Fixed the bug that wasn't deducting a fighter's endurance between rounds for a Torn Lip (-1) or Cut Inside Mouth (-2).

Download Version 1.09 Upgrade Here: