Version 1.1.1

TtileBout II Screen Shot.png

The latest update for TITLE BOUT II FOR WINDOWS Version 1.1.0 is the largest upgrade made to the Windows version of the game. Extensive work on the part of the amazing BILL SALM and tremendous time dedicated to play-testing by GEOFF BROWN and MOHAMMAD HADI-ABDULLAH make this a "must have"!

Please note, to avoid confusion, this is an UPGRADE for those who already own the game. You CANNOT ORDER the computer version of Title Bout II from this page. 

  1. Here's a list of changes that have been made, clearly improving the game one hundred fold:​

  2. Fixed the bug where the fighter's KP wasn't getting restored correctly after being changed by strategy selection in the previous round.

  3. Fixed the bug that wasn't converting the fighters' CF on a 11-9 combination.

  4. Fixed the Major Cut Under the left eye bug where the +1 cut rate adjustment wasn't occurring.

  5. Fixed the 24 hour QP bug.

  6. You will not be able to change a fighter's style during a Punches Landed segment (because the user can see if a power punch will be landed).

  7. Fixed the bug that would cause the first Strategy drop down to remain visible if you decided to make a second selection.

  8. Changed the Fights Down criteria from the opponent having to be 3 ratings or less than the Fights Down fighter to the opponent having to be at least 3 ratings less than the Fights Down fighter.

  9. Fixed the typo that would list a 6 point punch as a 5 point punch in the commentary.

  10. After a knockdown, KD2 is now applied to a fighter's KD1 for ONLY THE DURATION OF his opponent's Killer Instinct run.

  11. Re-added the CF conversion when fighters become fatigued.

  12. Fixed the bug that would cause a fighter's CF to be incorrect after a fighter suffered an injury (resulting in a CF reduction) and the fighters are not in ring center.

  13. Advanced Timing has been added (KD count, Clinching, action stoppages).

  14. Fixed the bug where the fighters wouldn't return to ring center if a trapped fighter landed a punch that resulted in a knockdown check.

  15. Changed the DEF adjustment for the Go for KO strategy (vs. Load Up) to +3 & (vs Go for KO) to +4.

  16. Changed the DEF adjustment for the Smothering Attack strategy (vs. Smothering Attack, Load Up, & Go for KO) to +2.

  17. Fixed the bug that would reduce KI when you click on Punches Missed.

  18. The user now has a choice to use standard judges' scoring (board game) or modified judges' scoring (1 point differential unless knockdown(s) scored).

  19. Fixed the "Roy Jones Jr/SMW" bug, a fighter's foul rating no longer has to be case sensitive.

  20. Fixed the "Oleksandr Usyk" bug that could cause problems if you add a fighter with "dr" at the end of his first name.

  21. Fixed the Fights Down bug that would cause the fighter's CF to be reduced an additional time if his opponent tires first.

  22. Fixed the Fireplug/Fighter Fatigued bug.

  23. Fixed the bug where a Draw wasn't getting counted as a Defense for the champion in the Title History.

Download Version 1.1.1 Upgrade Here: