Version 1.07

The latest update for TITLE BOUT II FOR WINDOWS Version 1.06 is, in terms of items addressed the largest yet. Each change will be explained below and the same Download option will be available to those wishing to upgrade to the new version. Please note, to avoid confusion, that this is an UPGRADE. You cannot order the computer version of Title Bout II from this page. 

1. The new fighter strategy system has been programmed and enabled.

2. The solitaire fighter strategy system (PC Controlled) has been programmed and enabled.

3. Fight records can now be saved to a Text File report.

4. Added the fighters' images to the Judges' Scoring screen.

5. Disabled the Close button on the Knockdown screen to prevent the user from closing the screen                 without registering the Knockdown result.

6. The "Throw in the Towel" feature is now a pre-fight option.

7. You can now individually remove fighters from the rankings.

8. If a Special event calls for a break in the action, the fight will resume with the fighters in Ring Center.

9. The new advanced Cut/Swelling table has been programmed.

10. The new advanced Foul table has been programmed.

11. Fixed the bug that wasn't adjusting the fighter's KD rating properly when KD carry-over effects occurred.

12. Fixed the bug where a fighter's KD rating would be adjusted after a "5" is scored by his opponent.

13. Fixed the judges' scoring bug that would occur when the point difference is greater than 25 and                     multiple knockdowns are scored by both fighters.

14.Fixed the bug that wasn't adjusting the Red fighter's HP correctly when changing styles during the   fight.

15.Fixed the bug when viewing a fighter's Ratings and the Trainer/Corner Man fields won't reset.

16.Fixed the bug that would display 5 points scored in the fight log (instead of 6) on a K 1-10 outcome that        didn't result in a knockdown (although 6 points was correctly scored).

17. If Punch Type is not clicked (after a Punch is landed), the Punch Type Landed will be automatically              done.  This eliminates the need for the "Please check for Punch Type Landed" popup.

18. The 5H result on the new KD/KO chart now registers a single KI opportunity instead of the previous             KI/2 result.

19. To avoid confusion with the previous KD/KO tables, 5H has been renamed 5A on the new KD/KO chart.

20. Updated the between rounds Condition Check. The Fighter Tracker screen has been re-designed.

Download Version 1.07 Upgrade Here:


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