Version 1.08

The latest update for TITLE BOUT II FOR WINDOWS Version 1.08 is, in terms of items addressed the largest yet. Each change will be explained below and the same Download option will be available to those wishing to upgrade to the new version. Please note, to avoid confusion, that this is an UPGRADE. You cannot order the computer version of Title Bout II from this page. 

1. The Biography feature has been disabled due to Wiki script issues until I can find a work-around.

2. Added an option to revert to using the old Foul chart or to use the new Foul Chart.

3. Fixed the Keep Away/Counter Missed bug.

4. Updated the Knockdown Carry-over effect.

5. Updated the Flash Knockdown effects to 6 points scored and full KI.

6. Added the No Strategy table to the Strategy Guide menu.

7. Made the change that would occur during a KI run where a 5-Point Counterpunch doesn't trigger KI for the opponent.

8. Fix the judges' scoring bug that would occur if both fighters get a point taken away in the same round.

9. Fixed the bug that wasn't making the Knockdown Carry-Over adjustment automatic when 3 knockdowns are scored in a round.

10. Fixed the bug that wasn't calculating the FI (Work the Body) adjustment if the opponent selected No Strategy.

11. Fixed the bug that wasn't factoring in the Firebug trait after a fighter became fatigued.

12. Fixed the Southpaw CF adjustment bug that would occur when a fighter changed styles during a fight.

13. Fixed the bug that would display the fighters' wrong cut descriptions in the post fight log.

14. Fixed the bug that could cause the new Foul Chart to appear during a knockdown check.

15. Fixed the Doctor Stoppage bug.

Download Version 1.08 Upgrade Here: