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Super Lightweight Division    Weight: 135-140


In professional boxing, Super Lightweights range from 135 pounds to 140 pounds. The first champion of this weight class was Pinky Mitchell in 1922. Amazingly, Mitchell gained his title not in the ring per say but by a vote of the readers of the Boxing Blade magazine.

Even after its inception in 1922, the division has been plagued by a lack of acceptance by the majority of boxing commissions. For example the New York State Athletic Commission withdrew recognition of it in 1930. The National Boxing Association recognized this "tweener" division until the very popular Barney Ross relinquished the title in 1935 to concentrate on regaining the welterweight championship.


While a number of commissions recognized the Super Lightweight division throughout the 1940's, the accepted beginnings of this division is considered to be 1959,  when Carlos Ortiz won the vacant title with a victory over Kenny Lane. At that point in time, the World Boxing Association and the World Boxing Council reached an agreement to sanction the champion of the division itself.


This practice continued until 1967, at which time the WBC stripped Paul Fuji of the title, and then matched Pedro Adigue and Adolph Pruitt for their version of the championship. Adigue won a fifteen-round decision.


Finally, in 1984, the International Boxing Federation (IBF) recognized Aaron Pryor as its first champion in 1984. Hector Camacho became the first World Boxing Organization (WBO) champion by virtue of his victory over Ray Mancini in 1989.

From its fragmented approval until now, the Super Lgihtweight Division has produced some of boxing's best fighters.  Top names in the division typically came from the Lightweight Division. Fighters used the division as a half-step up to acclimate before going into the heavier welterweight class, Other participantss in the Super Middle Weight division were those who couldn't contend with true welterweight or who moved into the division in search of a title.

Some of the best-known Super Lightweights include the great Alexis Arguello, his nemesis Aaron Pryor, Carlos Ortiz, Julio Cesar Chavez, Ricky Hatton, Zab Judah, Saoul Mamby, Buddy McGirt and the list goes on. 

Carded Super Lightweights


Mike Alvarado

Bruno Arcari

Alexis Arguello

Rene Arredondo

Randall Bailey

Jack Kid Berg

Timothy Bradley

Adrien Broner

Hector Camacho

Tony Canzoneri

Antonio Cervantes

Julio Cesar Chavez

Juan Martin Coggi

Billy Costello

Miguel Cotto

Terence Crawford

Bruce Curry

Sammy Fuentes

Paul Fuji

Danny Garcia

Loreto Garza

Arturo Gatti

Carlos Gonzalez

Leroy Haley

Tsuyoshi Hamada

Vivian Harris

Gene Hatcher

Ricky Hatton

Greg Haugen

Gary Hinton

Kendall Holt

Diosbelys Hurtado

Sang Hyun Kim

Zab Judah

Amir Khan

Andreas Kotelnik

Tippy Larkin

Nicolino Locche

Duilio Loi

Marcos Maidana

Saoul Mamby

Joe Manley

Roger Mayweather

Souleymane M'Baye

James McGirt



Sharmba Mitchell

Miguel Montilla

Erik Morales

Saensak Muangsurin

Charles Murray

Ubaldo Nestor Sacco

Zack Padilla

Giovanni Parisi

Eddie Perkins

Lamont Peterson

Vince Phillips

Aaron Pryor

Khalid Rahilou

Frankie Randall

Jake Rodriguez

Willie Rodriguez

Barney Ross

Meldrick Taylor

Kostya Tszyu

Junior Witter



Carlos Hernandez

Carlos Maria Gimenez

Hector Thompson

Lucas Martin Matthysse

Patrizio Oliva

Terrence Alli

Frankie Warren

Miguel Velazquez

Terry Flanagan

Alfonso Frazer

Pedro Adigue Jr

Johnny Bumphus

Tito Marshall

Micky Ward

Lorenzo Garcia

Battling Torres

Willi Quatuor

Jan Piet Bergman

Andriy Kotelnik

Sandro Lopopolo

Antonio Diaz

Omar Figueroa Jr

Oilli Maki

Roger Zami

Takeshi Fuji

Perico Fernandez

Rafael Pineda

Vic Andreetti

Juan Albornoz

Gamaliel Diaz

Rodolfo Aguilar

Cristobal Cruz

Malcolm Klassen

Aaron Kabi

Juan Urango

Soren Sondergaard

Michael Katsidis

Thomas Damgaard

Ben Tackie

Raymundo Beltran

Antonio Ortiz

Oktay Urkal

Angel Hernandez

Norio Kimura

Darryl Tyson

Argenis Mendez

Martin Honorio

Dujuan Johnson

Pat Barrett

Stoffel Steyn

Mzwandile Biyana

Shea Neary

Suriya Tatakhun

Ruslian Provodnikov

John Montes

Pablo Daniel Sarmiento

Tsuyoshi Hamada

Eduard Troyanovsku

Masakazu Satake

Pblo Cesar Cano

Christian Merle

Rolando Reyes

Ronnie Shields

Valery Kayumba

Carlos Maussa

Jason Litzau

Alberto Cortes

Michael Clark

Colin Powers

Victor Terrazas

Alex Trujillo

Terry Marsh

Demetrius Hopkins

Rodney Moore

Terron Millett

Eamonn Magee

Sang Ho Lee

Samuel Malinga

Lawrence Ngobeni

John Wesley Meekins

Adrian Estrella

Francisco Bojado

Hugo Ariel Hernandez

Jo Kimpuani

Roberto Eduardo Alfaro

Cemal Kamaci

Reggie Green

Hugo Alfredo Luero

Naufel Ben Rabeh

Chucho Garcia

Antonio Orozco

Emiliano Villa

Carlos Wiilfedo Vilches

Chang Kil Lee

Hector Quiroz

Juan Carlos Peralta

Andy Holligan

Juan Alberto Aranda

Clinton McKenzie

Lonnie Smith

Daniel Aldo Gonzalez

Phumzile Madikane

Demetrio Ceballos

Donald Stokes

Guillermo Mosquera

Luis Horacio Cabral

Elio Ortiz

Josue Marquez

Terrance Cauthen

Morris East

Gary Hinton

Reyes Antono Cruz

Alex Saucedo

Ahmed Santos

Julio Cesar Garcia

Carl Griffith

Kyung Duk Ahn

Monroe Brooks

Ernesto Zepeda

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