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Lightweight Division    Weight: 130-135


The beginnings of the lightweight division can be traced back to 1738, introduced by a boxer who became known as the father of English boxing, Jack Broughton. At that time, any fighter weighing less than 160 lbs was considered a lightweight. In 1909, lightweight fighters upper limit was set at 135 pounds. The world’s first lightweight champion could have been Englishman John Moneghan in 1850.


The WBA was the first of the modern sanctioning bodies to give the belt to Carlos Ortiz after he beat Joe Brown in 1962. The WBC would sanction Ortiz' contest against Doug Vaillant one year later as their inaugural world lightweight championship fight. The IBF followed suit annointing their own champion in 1984, with the WBO following in 1989. 

It's interesting to note that while the Welterweight Division was unquestionably popular, it was the Lightweight Division that moved into the "third spot" among fan favorites, behind the heavyweights and middleweight.


A perusal of the boxers who legitimized the division and its popularity explains why the lightweights gained recognition among the original eight divisions in boxing

1.  Benny Leonard: A dominant champion who held the title for 7 years, 7 months, and 17 days with 6 successful defenses, Leonard was clearly the best all-time lightweight until the arrival of a guy named Duran.

2.  Roberto Durán: A fierce competitor, Durán held the WBA lightweight title for 6 years, 7 months, and 5 days, with 12 successful defenses. Many consider Duran to be the best fighter in the division's history.

3.  Artur Grigorian: His reign as the WBO lightweight champion lasted an impressive 7 years, 6 months, and 20 days, defending his title 17 times

4.  Joe Gans: Another legendary lightweight, Gans reigned for 6 years, defending his title 15 times. Gans is often considered the master fighter whose brilliant boxing skills set the standard for lightweights who followed him.

5.  Arturo Gatti, Mr. Excitement, became notorious for his incredible ability to come back to win fights that appeared lost. His bouts frequently featured unbelievable last-minute wins . . . and blood. Lots of blood.

6.  Esteban DeJesus, another outstanding lightweight, would be a much more recognizable name if he hadn't had the misfortune to fight during the reign of Roberto Duran. Although, Duran bested DeJesus two out of three times, it was DeJesus who first beat "manos de piedra".

Carded Lightweights 


Terrence Alli

Lou Ambers

Cisco Andrade

Sammy Angott

Alexis Arguello

Alberto Arizmendi

Henry Armstrong

Cesar Bazan

Lou Bizzarro

Livingstone Bramble

Joe Brown

Ken Buchanan

Hector Camacho

Nate Campbell

Tony Canzoneri

Israel Cardona

Erubey Carmona

Jimmy Carter

Joel Casamayor

Bobby Chacon

Julio Cesar Chavez

Diego Corrales

Carlos Teo Cruz

Howard Davis Jr

Esteban DeJesus

Oscar De La Hoya

Roberto Duran

Roberto Elizondo

Gabriel Elorde

Ernesto Espana

Vilomar Fernandez

Acelino Freitas

Arturo Frias

Joey Gamache

Andy Ganigan

Joe Gans

Arturo Gatti

Miguel Angel Gonzalez

Artur Grigorian

Greg Haugen

Philip Holiday

Beau Jack

Lew Jenkins

Levander Johnson

Stevie Johnston

Hilmer Kenty

Ismael Luguna

Ray Lampkin

George Lavigne

Juan Lazcano

Benny Leonard



Ray Mancini

Sammy Mandell

Angel Manfredy

Juan Manuel Marquez

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Jimmy McLarnin

Bob Montgomery

Shane Mosley

Ruben Navarro

Juan Nazario

Orzubek Nazarov

Carlos Ortiz

Freddie Pendleton

Billy Petrolle

Mando Ramos

Ultimo Ramos

Edwin Rosario

Barney Ross

Al Singer

Paul Spadafora

Tracy Spann

Ishimatsu Suzuki

Doug Vaillant

Edwin Valero

Edwin Viruet

Jim Watt

Pernell Whitaker

Ike Williams

Shinichi Yamabe

Roberto Duran (WW)



Abner Mares

Aldo Spoldi

Alfredo Urbina

Allie Stolz

Art Aragon

Babe Herman

Benny Bass

Bobby Ruffin

Brandon Rios

Bunny Grant

Chango Carmona

Cisco Andrade

Dave Charnley

Dave Crowley

Davey Abad

Davey Day

Dick Finnegan

Dingaan Thobela

Enrique Bolanos

Frankie Klick

Frankie Narvaez

Frankie Ryff

George Araujo

Guts Ishimatsu

Harold Gomes

Humberto Soto

Isaac Hiatshwayo

Jack "Kid" Berg

Jean Baptist Mendy

Jimmy Goodrich

Jimmy Paul

Johnny Gonsalves

Johnny Hutchinson

Jorge Linares

Juan Diaz

Juan Zurita

Kenny Lane

King Tut

Larry Cisneros

Lauro Salas

Len Matthews

Lew Feldman

Lou Tendler

Maxie Docusen

Maxie Shapiro

Mike Dundee

Mikey Garcia

Norman Sekgapane

Orlando Zulueta

Packey McFarland

Paddy DeMarco

Pedro Carrasco

Pedro Montanez

Pete Nebo

Rafael Ruelas

Ray Lunny

Richie Lemos

Rodolfo Gonzalez

Sid Terris

Stanislaus Loayza

Tommy McGovern

Wallace Bud Smith

Willie Ritchie

Willy Toweel

Young Peter Jackson

Yuiorkis Gamboa

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