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More and more gamers are looking for ways to become more actively involved in the fights that they are creating with Title Bout II.

The most obvious way at this time is through the use of strategy selections. However, as the game designer, I've never truly enjoyed the Strategy Selections' integration into the game and process for using them. I think my personal bias has stunted the growth of Strategy Selection.

That will no longer be the case. A completely new system for using strategies and one that is clearly superior to what is now in place (and that will thrill quite a few of you!) is almost ready to make its debut.

The new strategy system will feature a cross-indexed matrix, one that individualizes the strategy being used by the one fighter dependent upon the strategy being used by the opponent.

For example, if Fighter A wants to "Fight Inside", the effects of doing so should be different if the oppoonent is "Sticking and Moving" rather than "No Strategy This Round" or "Going for the Knockout".

There's more to this, however! Neither fighter is guaranteed success in the use of a strategy unless the opponent decides not to choose one. If both fighters wish to employ a strategy, one of the fighters will assert his will upon his opponent. 

Inserting your will and successfully employing your strategy will be the result of your "rating" in the category added to a 1- 20 RN. The rules for the new system will explain all of this in a step-by-step fashion, along with examples for the sake of clarity.

The new system will:

  • Place far more emphasis on a fighter's strategy rating

  • Be used in a far more realistic manner

  • Force the player to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of his fighter's opponent

  • Will be far easier to understand and implement

The new Strategy System will also provide a solo mode, with the opponent's strategy being decided by an AI chart that will take into consideration the fighter's strength and the situation in the ring prior to a given round.


April 30th: Lightweight Division Set 1 plus a new optional system - simplicated with fewer steps - Cuts and Swelling System.

June 15th: Bantamweight Division plus a new 20 to 25 card decade specific Heavyweight supplement set; plus an analysis and subsequent redo of the Foul System.

July 15th: New, completely revised rule book in printed format.


Those of you who have been on this "ride" with me for years and years know that I have always tried my best to set the price point of products as low as I can reasonably go. 

I've been looking at every sport products pricing, from printed online businesses to the "big names" like Strat-O-Matic, etc.

Everyone of them (seriously!) have their main product at least $5.00 more than I do and their "team sets" anywhere from $3.00 to $13.00 more than my division sets. Yes, most of them offer far more cards in their set so the increase in price is justified. 

Still, and I try not to be arrogant or boastful, I would suggest that the research and work that goes into 100 fighters is equal to pumping in a new set of numbers for a season.

That being the case and with both recent and upcoming increases in postage (bah, humbug!) and the latest increase in component prices, I can't absorb it all.

Starting on April 1st, a small increase on prices will be applied across the board (meaning all products). The exception to this would be .pdf as there is not logical reason to do so.

I wish I didn't feel compelled to do so but I need to make the efforts put into the game at least close to being worthwhile :)

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