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ordering title bout II 


There are many ways to build your own Title Bout II Game on the cheap or with the highest quality components. Here are several ways to do it:

Highest Quality Components

Go to DriveThruCards and access the Title Bout II pages by clicking on "Straight Jab Media" found under the PUBLISHER heading; type the words TITLE BOUT in the Search tool, or click on this link:

By using any of the above methods, you'll be taken to the Title Bout II publisher's page where you'll find 11 entries, all of which are high quality printed versions of everything that DriveThruCards has to offer.

The bare "essentials" are:

  1. The Stand-Up Tables 

  2. A deck of Boxing Action Cards

  3. A Division Set of Boxer Cards

  4. Printed Rule Book 4.0

Note that the new rules are also available free of charge on this website's download page.

Next, jump to the Downloads found on this site (by clicking on the "More..." found on the top Ribbon and selecting "Downloads".

From the download site, you'll want to download the rule book and the latest scoresheet, both FREE. While you're there, check out any of the other offerings and select whatever you feel might interest you.

THAT'S ALL YOU NEED! The only component missing from the full game that used to be sold on this site is the game box.

Do it on the Cheap

This option was specifically designed to help out customers who lived outside the United States, where shipping costs were often more expensive that the product.

However, anyone can take advantage of what's available if (1) you don't mind printing out components; and (2) are willing to put in the time to cut out the various cards, etc.

Of course a great "middle of the road" option would be to take the downloaded files to a local printer (as in a

Staples of Office Depot) and let them print out the files on heavy cardstock and either avail yourself of their free to use paper cutter or pay them a small fee to do it themselves.

Here's what you'll need:

From DriveThruCards, you'll still have to purchase a set of Boxing Action Cards and the Stand Up Tables. 

Everything else you can purchase in .pdf form and instantly receive the download or find free in the download section on this website.

Available in .pdf format will be all the Divisions released to date and any extra card sets, like the Corner Men deck and a number of supplemental heavyweight sets.

Free downloads are the same as listed in the previous column: rules and scoresheet.

ALL PRODUCTS WILL CONTINUE TO BE OFFERED IN ALL FORMATS: high quality printed cards and components, .pdf versions or computer file for Bill Salm's Title Bout II for Windows computer version.

And there are plenty of product coming down the line, including:

The featherweight, bantamweight, flyweight, strawweight, cruiserweight and "half step" divisions, like super middleweight and junior middles, welters, etc.

Also on the agenda is a new Rule Book, new Stand Up Tables that will be considered "official" and work in sync with the new rule book, and finally, a publication on How to Rate your Own Fighters for Title Bout II.

So while the game's designer has cut back on his involvement with fulfillment, he's committed to keeping the game alive through the continual release of product.

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