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I don't blame you! It's confusing, even to me and I'm the guy responsible, either directly or indirectly for all of the games bearing the words TITLE BOUT on them.

Actually, it's not quite as complex as one might think:


1. My brother and I did the original TITLE BOUT: The Game of Professional Boxing for Avalon Hill, oh, about 40 years ago.

2. Once the board game went out of distribution, we switched to a computer version, first with Lance Haffner (in BASIC and under the name of TKO Boxing). Avalon Hill retained the rights to the name for a period of time.

3. Title Bout (which was supposed to be called Title Fight in order not to trample on AH's rights to the name) became a computer product put out by Out of the Park, based in Germany, for a number of years. This version was a greatly enhanced graphical product that was designed to run on Windows.


After OOTP published the game for 3 or 4 years, I was maintaining a database of over 4000 fighters. Each new year, I would take all fighters who retired and move them to the Archive Fighters file; remove fighters who were not deemed worthy of archiving; updating all active fighters, and adding any new and deserving fighters to the Active file. To say that it was time-consuming would be an understatement.


With life rapidly changing, my age increasing and other projects calling, we (my brother Tom and I) decided to sell the computer rights to Title Bout: the Computer Game.

OOTP offered a generous settlement and we transfered all rights to the computer version to them.

A short time later, OOTP sold the game to the current owners and producers, a larger company named P.I.S.D.

When we sold the rights to Title Bout: the Computer Game, we retained the rights to the board game and signed a "non-compete" clause for a period of severn years.


At this point in time, after having decided to redo the board game, I redesigned the boxing simulation and called it Title Bout II.

Less than a year ago, William Salm approached me about doing a computer version of the product. The 7-year non-compete clause was up and so I decided to take advantage of Mr. Salm's expertise and let him give a computer version a try. 

The initial response to Bill Salm's computer version has been amazing. Yes, there are some bugs that still need ironed out and some modules eventually added but Title Bout II: Computer Version is here to stay.

Our competitor, Title Bout Championship Boxing, is also still very active and in many ways a somewhat different product. Obviously, i'm the games originator and I'm doing all the design and ratings work. To the best of my knowledge, P.I.S.D. has a group of knowledgable people doing there ratings. 


Their game is impressive and in the spirit of sportsmanship, we wish P.I.S.D. success. Just not quite as much as ours!

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