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Sadly, as with so many other things now days, selling the box made no economical sense unless it was priced outrageously. Here's the breakdown:

1. The box cost almost $5.00 to have printed.

2. The box in which the "game box" was shipped runs $1.00.

3. Charging $7.00 for the product netted $1.00 . . . at first sight.

4. Shipping runs (hard to believe) $8.78 to $10.25. The various places will not accept this as "media" so no price break. The size of the actual box being mailed (Meaning the outside box. It gets confusing!) is 12" x 10" x 3". Even though the weight is minimal the dimensions kick it into another brackett. 

5. It can't be mailed flat. Unmade the box is 28" x 25" and would get smashed if unmade and somehow shipped OR made and shipped without the protective white cardboard box.

6. To guarantee a "break even", I would have to charge $14 to $16 for an EMPTY BOX. That's an insult to you, the customer, and more work for me.

Best Lightweight of All-Time?

Joe Gans

Benny Leonard

Carlos Ortiz

Roberto Duran

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Or . . . 

Pernell Whitaker

Barney Ross

Tony Canzoneri

Ike Williams

Alexis Arguello

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