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Cruiserweight Division

Weight: 175-200


The Cruiserweight Division in professional boxing was established to accommodate smaller heavyweight boxers who couldn’t compete with the growing size of boxers in that division. Before the current cruiserweight class, the terms “light heavyweight” and “cruiserweight” were sometimes used interchangeably in the United Kingdom. The division’s weight limit was originally set at 190 pounds but it is currently 200 pounds

The World Boxing Council (WBC) was the first organization to recognize the cruiserweight division. On December 8, 1979, they sanctioned a bout between Marvin Camel and Mate Parlov for their version of the title. Although the first fight ended in a draw, in the rematch in March 1980, Marvin Camel emerged as the inaugural cruiserweight champion.

In 1982, the World Boxing Association (WBA) recognized Ossie Ocasio as their first cruiserweight champion when he defeated South African Robbie Williams (although at that time, the WBA called the division “junior heavyweight”).

The International Boxing Federation (IBF) followed suit in 1983, matching former WBC champion Marvin Camel against Rick Sekorski for their inaugural title. Camel won and became the first IBF cruiserweight champion.

Notable champions in the division have included Evander Holyfield (who later moved up to heavyweight after unifying the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles), Bobby Czyz, Dwight Muhammad Qawi, Tomasz Adamek, Virgil Hill, Al Cole, Orlin Norris, James Toney, David Haye, Tony Bellew, and Oleksandr Usyk

Carded Cruiserweights



Tomasz Adamek

Firat Arslan

O'Neil Bell

Tony Bellew

Wayne Braithwaite

Mairis Briedis

Marvin Camel

Al Cole

Piet Crous

Steve Cunningham

Carlos De Leon

Grigory Drozd

Juan Carlos Gomez

Danny Green

David Haye

Virgil Hill 

Evander Holyfield

Marco Huck

Vassily Jirov

Guillermo Jones

Kenny Keene

Jeff Lampkin

Denis Lebedev

Enzo Maccarinelli

Nate Miller

Jean Marc Mormeck

Johnny Nelson

Orlin Norris

Dwight Muhammad Qawi

Ralf Rocchigiani

Ezra Sellers

Carl Thompson

James Toney

Oleksander Usyk

Anaclet Wamba

Adolpho Washington

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk



Akim Tafer

Alexander Gurov

Alfonzo Ratliff

Anthony Davis

Arthur Williams

Bash Ali

Bernard Benton

Boone Pultz

Dale Brown

David Izegwire

Derek Angol

Don Diego Poeder

Everett Martin

Ezra Sellers

Glen McCrory

Henry Tillman

Imamu Mayfield

Jacob Mofonken

James Warring

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

Lee Roy Murphy

Marcelo Gabian Dominguez

Marcelo Victor Figueroa

Markus Bott

Massimiliano Duran

Michael Greer

Nestor Hipolito Giovannini

Norbert Ekassi

Ossie Ocasio

Patrick Lumumba

Ramon Garbey

Ricky Parkey

Rico Hoye

Robert Daniels

Roy Jones Jr

Sebastiaan Rothmann

Sergey Kovalev

Taoufik Belbouli

Tavoris Cloud

Terry Dunstan

Torsten May

Tyrone Booze

Valery Brudov

Vincenzo Cantatore

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