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Here's a 38-card set of boxers who truly prove that size doesn't matter. Replay the trilogy between Humberto Gonzalez and Michael Carbajal. Match boxer/sluggers like Yoko Gushiken, Luis Estaba, Ivan Calderon, Hilario Zapada, top champions like Myung Woo Yuh, Jung Koo Chang, Baby Jake Matlala against one another and see if any of them can make more than one title defense! The Light Flyweights are a perfect example of "easier to win a championship than to keep it". Expect upsets when fighting the majority of these evenly matched boxers. On top of that, many of these fighters can easily move up to Flyweight or down to the upcoming Minimumweight set.


NOTE: Wills Grigsby's 3-Point Hook should read 21-22, not 15-22. A new card with the correction will be included with the minimumweight set.


REMINDER: The division is currently called Light Flyweights; however, it also is known as the Junior Flyweights - (on the file)

PC Light Flyweights (Junior Flyweights! on file!)

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