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The Computer Version of  Minimum/Strawweight Division comes complete with 40 All-Time Greats and a bonus card for Rosendo Alvarez as a Light Flyweight!  Featuring the best of the best Ricardo Lopez, the set includes his arch-rival Rosendo Alvarez, the only fighter to score anything but a loss against Lopez, gaining a draw in 8-rounds due to an "accidental" head butt that opened a gash over the right eye of Lopez. Ivan Calderon, a smooth boxer with a punch; Ala Villamor, a huge hitter; and other greats like Chana Porpaoin, perhaps the best pure boxer in the set, and Zolani Petelo, a lefty slugger. Yutaka Niida, Ratanapol Sor Vorapin (Anucha Phothong), Muhammad Rachman, and Daniel Reyes round out the final divisional card set.

PC Minimum/Strawweights

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