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The Welterweight Division  rivals the middleweights for outstanding fighters past and present. Incredibly skillful boxers like Wilfred "Radar" Benitez and sluggers like Felix Trinidad and fighters who can do both like Oscar de la Hoy are some of the top names in the 105 fighter set. Which "Sugar" is sweeter: Sugar Ray Robinson or Sugar Ray Leonard? Find out for yourself. Can Pernell Whitaker outbox Floyd Mayweather Jr or can one of the all-time welterweights give Mayweather Jr his first loss? Let Henry Armstrong, a fighter who held three unified and undisputed titles at one time, give it his best shot against "Money"; or maybe you'll want to match Mayweather Jr against another fighter whose event more flamboyant than Floyd - Hector "Macho" Camacho. Speed, power, great chins: they're all here in the Welterweight Division set.

PC Welterweights

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