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The Premier Title Bout II: Set 2 is now ready for purchase. This 50-card deck covers most of the best fighters from the late 1940's to the Late 1950's. All-time Greats like Rocky Marciano, Ezzard Charles, Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, and Ingemar Yohansson are perfect to recreate historry (Liston vs Patterson; Patterson vs Johansson; and Marciano vs Charles.


In addition, a number of top contenders will challenge your best fighters if matched against them. Names like Jimmy Bivins, Zora Folley, Cleveland Williams, Bob Pastor, and Clarence Henry will push the top fighters and force them to give their maximum effort if the big name champions expect to win the match.


Europe is proudly represented by Don Cockell, Willi Besmanoff, Heinz Neuhaus. Joe Erskine, Brian London, and Olle Tandberg are carded, along with the aforementioned Johansson; while Cubans Nino Valdez, Omelio Agramonte, and Canadian fighters like Tommy Burns and Earl Walls must also be considered legitimate contenders.


And no set would be complete without a number of rugged gatekeepers and stepping stones included. The Muscato brothers, Joe and Phil, make an appearance, as does Bob Satterfield, Roland LaStarza, and Bruce Woodcock.


PC Premium HW: Set2

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