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The Super Lightweight Boxer Card set (also called Junior Welterweights) contains many new fighters who haven't appeared in previous sets, while also containing familiar names from other sets but rated specifically as a super Lightweight. All-Time Great Super Lightweights like Julio Cesar Chavez at possibly his most deadly, legendary Antonio Cervantes, hard-hitting sluggers like Loreto Garza, Randall Bailey, Aaron Pryor and Kostya Tszyu square off against master boxers like Sharmba Mitcell, duilio Loi, Hector Camacho and Timothy Bradley. Other familiar names: Alexis Arguello, Miguel Cotto, Terence Crawford, Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah and Amir Khan are all part of this 65-card set.

PDF: Super Lightweight Boxers

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