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Title Bout II has finally come to the computer. The computer version captures both the look, the flavor, the feel and the accuracy of the board game version. The actual cards used in the board game have been reproduced for the computer version as have the gaming procedures. However,Title Bout II: Computer Version provides you with some incredible additional modules that just weren't possible with a board game: compiles stats, lists your Top Twenty Ranklings by division and more!


And you can't beat getting the game free for 5 days to decide if you want to purchase the Unlock Code (Note: You may purchase the code at anytime between downloading the program and the end of the 5-Day Free Trial or at a ny time after the Free Trial experation)


  • Upon purchasing the Unlock Code, you'll be sent a CODE within 24 to 48 hours that will:

    1. Register your game 
    2. Permanently unlock all aspects of the program(
    3. Allow you to access the Heavyweight Division that is part of the package. 
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