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Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis . . . and Your Freedom from the Arena!

Where History meets the Cinema! Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis combines what really happened in the arenas of Rome with the excitement and danger of the portrayal of the gladiator in both movies and on television. Win often enough to gain the attention of not just the crowd but the editor of the games and your victories could bring you the ultimate reward: the Rudis; just plain wooden sword but one that symbolizes your freedom!.

All the excitement and spectacle of the Ancient Roman Arena is faithfully recreated in a new card-based combat game. YOU choose the attacks. YOU select the defense and counters.

Created by the same company that produced the boxed editions of Title Bout II, guaranteeing the same high quality of components

COMPONENTS: 20 x 20 inch Game Board Depicting a Roman Arena * 16 Unique Gladiators *

130 Unique Attack and Defend Cards * 100 Arena Action Cards * 30 Fate Cards * 10 Summa Rudis Cards (Roman equivalent of the Referee!) * 64 one-inch die cut counters (or use your own miniatures! * Full Colored Rule Book * Printed Errata*


The Game




Card Decks





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